Call for papers Volume 3 Issue 1

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Welcome! Let’s Share our Knowledge for Our Environmental sustainability

       It is our great pleasure in welcoming you to our International peer reviewed “Journal of Terrestrial and Marine Research (ISSN:2456-7639)-JTMR” published by Waveland Scientific Publications. As of late, the environmental degradation is going on in faster pace with the materialistic greed of humans. Subsequently the conditions of living on the planet are hazardous with alarming rise in the pollution levels of all natural resources. There is no proper balance in the utilization of non-renewable resources, due to which our environment is losing its sustainability. For the purpose of exchange of scientific ideas between researchers and the common man, this journal bridges the gap by connecting them together and also advises the governing body to devise policies for the sustainable living.

This peer-reviewed, open access, on-line journal has an eminent advisory board and has connections with the giants of scientific fraternity of India and abroad. This journal operates a double blind peer review process. The journal focuses on research articles, short communications and review articles from all the thrust areas of terrestrial and marine sciences like Agriculture, Aquaculture, Animal science, Applied Chemistry, Biodiversity, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology (Marine Biotechnology), Botany, Chemistry, Disaster Management, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Genetic Engineering, Fishery Science, Food and Nutritional Science, Microbiology (Marine Microbiology), Molecular Biology, Nanotechnology, Zoology, Pharmacology, Physics, GIS and Remote sensing and Toxicology.

To serve the basic purpose of research, spread awareness about environmental sustainability and possible solutions to address them; this journal is openly accessible to everyone.