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Volume 1 Issue 4 October 2017

Construction of hypothetical lux operon of ancestral luminous bacteria   Download PDF                            CH. RAMESH* and R. MOHANRAJU Association between abiotic/biotic parameters and fatty acid composition in wedge clam, Donax scortum (Mollusca: Bivalvia): A first report  Download PDF                

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Volume-1 Issue-1 January 2017

1. Occurrence of cross breeding in benthic forminifera Peneroplis sp in Port Blair, South Andaman, India                      P. MOTHILAL YUVARAJA AND N. RAMANUJAM. Download PDF 2. Glossopteris mohudaensis Chandra and Surange, 1979 from the Barakar Formation, Early Permian, Prakas   Khani Open Cast Mine II, Manuguru Area, Telangana,

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